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    Fr. Christopher Metropulos on Media Ministry

    Posted on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 10:57 AM by Jason Barker

    Fr. Christopher Metropulos, the host of Come Receive the Light and director of the Orthodox Christian Network, has written in his current newsletter about the importance of using technology and the media in Orthodox Christian outreach and education. While his focus is on the need to support the OCN's radio ministry (particularly on January 21st, 2007, which is Share the Light Sunday), his points are equally valid for Orthodox Christian multimedia Bible study:

    Our world is increasingly connected electronically. This generation will be the most technologically advanced generation in the history of humanity. What use to take vast rooms filled with printed books now can be reduced to a small compact disk. Our children and grandchildren don’t go to the library to research, they jump on a high speed internet connection and read materials cataloged on web sites all around the world. An IPod can hold 20,000 songs AND video. Communication technology has advanced so fast that the cell phone screen is now called “the Fourth Screen” joining ranks with the Television, the Computer, and the Movie screen. Program producers are now actually producing media products specifically for the cell phone screen.

    People are increasingly getting their media across faster and faster data lines, and cable companies and telephone companies are fighting over who will get the most bandwidth. And technology keeps on inventing new ways to stay in touch.

    It would be very easy to be overwhelmed by this march of progress, but it would also be a serious mistake. A recent survey found that almost 24% of all adults use the internet to search for religious themes and that number increases every year. Media is finding its way into our lives at every possible turn. From electronic billboards on the highways, to commercials sent directly to our cell phones, and even in the bottoms of the trays at the airport where you put your shoes before you pass through security. We are being bombarded with communication.

    This is the world our children and grandchildren will consider normal. This is the world where we are all called to serve and share the timeless faith of Orthodoxy. If we foolishly believe we can afford to leave our faith locked away securely behind the walls of our church buildings, we will unwittingly sacrifice a generation who is looking for spiritual answers.

    Our greatest treasure is our faith. Our greatest challenge is passing on our greatest treasure to the next generation so they can, in turn, pass it on to the next generation. Our greatest opportunity to accomplish this task is made even more possible by the communication technology that exists today.

    You can read more in the newsletter, as well as obtain information about supporting the important work of the Orthodox Christian Network. You can click here to learn how you can also support the Department of Youth Ministry's efforts on behalf of Orthodox youth.

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