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Practice Questions: Series of Practice Questions to prepare participants for the 2013 Bible Bowl.

Please note that these are just practice Questions.
Some of these questions may appear in the Bible Bowl, many will not.
Other questions for sure will appear in the Bible Bowl and will all be taken from the text of the Gospel of Mark as found in the Orthodox Study Bible. These questions are intended only to show participants the type of questions they should expect in the Bible Bowl.

While the materials below are intended to properly prepare participants in the Antiochian Archdiocese Diocesan and Archdiocese Bible Bowls, to better help them understand the text, ALL questions will come directly from the text of the Gospel of Mark as found in the Orthodox Study Bible.

Introduction: Introduction to the Gospel According to St. Mark

Mark 1:1-20: Jesus' preparation for ministry and His preaching.

Mark 1:21-45: Jesus' authority over demons and disease.

Mark 2: Jesus' authority over religion.

Mark 3: Jesus calls the Twelve.

Mark 4: Parables of the sower, candle, growing seed, and the mustard seed.

Mark 5: Jesus exorcises demons and heals disease.

Mark 6:1-29: Jesus commissions the Twelve, and St. John the Baptist is beheaded.

Mark 6:30-56: Jesus feeds five thousand, walks on water, and heals the sick.

Mark 7: Jesus confronts the Pharisees and heals the sick.

Mark 8: Jesus feeds four thousand, heals a blind man, and prophesies His death and Resurrection.

Mark 9: The Transfiguration, Jesus heals a demoniac, prophesies His death and Resurrection, and speaks of the rewards of the righteous and of hell.

Mark 10: Jesus preaches in Perea.

Mark 11: Palm Sunday, the cleansing of the Temple, and Jesus' preaching.

Mark 12: Jesus preaches on such subjects as the Resurrection and His deity.

Mark 13: Jesus preaches about the future.

Mark 14:1-42: St. Mary anoints Jesus, He participates in the Last Supper, and prays in Gethsemane.

Mark 14:43-72: Jesus is arrested in Gethsemane and appears before Caiaphas, and is denied by St. Peter.

Mark 15: Jesus appears before Pilate, is abused by Roman soldiers, and is crucified, dies, and is buried.

Mark 16: The Resurrection.